90 years of service for Haddo employees

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STAFF at Haddo have hailed the contributions of three members who have each served 30 years on the estate.

Gamekeeper Mike Thomson, farm manager Ian Hamilton and clarkess Moira Minty have ached served 30 years at Haddo Estate, after joining over the course of 1981-82. Staff members were joined by Lord and Lady Aberdeen for a special commemorative dinner at the Estate Office on Friday to mark the occasion

Manager Mark Andrew told the Times that the three had made an ‘enormous contribution’ to the success and diversification of the business.

“They’re all wonderful employees,” he told the Times. “They’re loyal and hardworking, and have devoted a lot of their time, energy and love to Haddo. The fact that each has worked for 30 years speaks for itself.”

Mike told the Times: “It’s been very interesting. There have been a lot of changes over the years on the estate. We employ many more people than before, and the business is much more diversified.”

Moira added: “I think the biggest change I’ve observed has been on the IT side of things - there have been huge changes since I started.”

Ian concluded: “It’s been good place to work, otherwise we wouldn’t all still be working here! We came, and enjoyed it, and we’ve stayed.”