CHAS hold strawberry and cream teas

Gordon Friends of CHAS decided that a new event in their already established calendar was required. Under the expert guidance of Moira Stott and Pat Brennan (ably assisted by Alison Christie) a Strawberry & Cream tea was organised and held in the church hall of Saint Mary-on-the-Rock on Saturday, July 13.

They were delighted that from the time that the doors opened until almost the last minute, the tables were full and at times not enough room for more people to gain a seat.

In excess of £400 was raised during the event that will be used in the continuing effort to raise funds for the on-going running of the 2 hospices, Rachel House in Kinross and Robin House at Balloch as well as the CHAS at Home services based in Aberdeen, Inverness, Kinross & Balloch.

If you would like to know more then email: or

Alternatively contact the Aberdeen fundraising office at 95 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen or by calling on 01224 645000.