Special activities for Meiklemill pupils

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PUPILS at Meiklemill Primary were in for a doubly exciting day on Tuesday, when they were visited by representatives of Zoolab and Aberdeen Football Club for special lessons.

The school’s P4 class were treated to a selection of exotic animals brought along by Zoolab’s Ainsley Ellis, to compliment their current project on the rainforest.

Among the animals on display were giant snails, a tropical frog, and a friendly corn-snake who, Ainsley assured pupils, was neither venomous nor likely to attempt to eat them if handled.

Meanwhile, in the gym hall, the school’s P2 youngsters were treated to football lessons from Stephen Boddie of Aberdeen Football Club, in what is set to be the first of a series of football training sessions over the course of the next six weeks.

Zoolab’s Ainsley told the Times that her ‘friends’ gave youngsters a glimpse of life in the rain forest, and to understand how humans were impacting on their natural habitat.