Rotarians’ sand dam support benefits African community

Ian Morris gave an informative talk on sand dams to Ellon Rotary Club.
Ian Morris gave an informative talk on sand dams to Ellon Rotary Club.

ELLON Rotarians were given an informative talk on sand dams by their international committee convener Ian Morris.

Sand dams are a low-cost method of harvesting rain water and once constructed require little maintenance. They are concrete dams that hold back sand washed down by a river in the rainy season. The sand is used as a reservoir for water and retains and purifies it and also helps to reduce evaporation.

Ellon Rotary Club have been able to support the construction of the Munyuni community sand dam in Kenya by sending money to the Excellent Development charity which provides engineers and is pioneering sand dam construction. This money had been raised and donated to the club by Robert Gordon’s College students with the proviso that the money was used for an African water project.

Sand dams can have an enormous effect on the health and nutrition of the people living in the area by storing water which can be used as clean drinking water and irrigating the land.

Community farmers at Munyuni have increased their crop diversification and now grow tomatoes and have introduced fruit and other trees.

Rotarian Alison Walker thanked Ian for his talk and said all Rotarians had appreciated that their charity contribution had benefited a hard-working self-help community.