It’s my Opinion

WHEN the British media gets all sanctimonious, as they did last week over the exposure of Kate Middleton in a French magazine, you have to allow yourself just the hint of a wry smile.

This is, after all, exactly the same media which made its own bid to haunt Princess Diana all her troubled life, resulting in her tragic death in Paris in 1997.

It’s my opinion that by getting so outraged and excited, all the British press has done is draw attention to the fact that there are pictures out there of the Duchess of Cambridge suggesting, albeit indirectly, that we should all rush to our computers, lap tops etc to see her sunbathing topless.

In the meantime, all kinds of hugely important news items are being pushed off of the front pages of all types of the written and digital media.

They include the appalling release of an anti-Islamic film which has brought down the house on the heads of the USA - even thought the film-makers are amateurs, and have absolutely no connection with the American Government.

The assassination of the American ambassador to Libya, and the vast protests currently taking place across the Islamic world are surely of more importance than an invasion of royal privacy.

The hugely complicated issue of Syria drags on, largely unreported, at least in our red tops. Innocent civilians are still be killed, with no end in sight for the conflict.

Even the devolution debate seems only whimpering along, generally not attracting the interest of your man or woman in the street. On that one, why don’t we just get on with the independence vote, confining it to the bin forever?

In the meantime the wonderfully successful London Olympics is being pushed into the middle pages, though perhaps that is no bad thing, given the manipulative nature of our right wing press.

Suggesting that our unemployed should take up running round tracks displays a remarkable insensitivity to the current situation, but then what else would expect of the queen of spite Melanie Phillips who writes for the Mail.

So all in all, you will now have the impression that the invasion of Kate’s privacy - while unacceptable - was no real big deal for me,

I have a sneaking suspicion that many of you here in East Gordon feel the same.

There was, however, one news item that would not be buried in last week, and rightly so, given the disgraceful behaviour of the police at Hillsborough in April, 1989.

The mere fact that it has taken fully 23 years to reveal the truth says much about the control system of the upper reaches of our the administration - including some of our senior police officers.

Every decent, honest serving policeman - and they are by far the majority - will have cringed at the horrendous details coming out of the inquiry, suppressed by the police and amplified by one or two national newspapers, not least the Sun.

But astonishingly, there are still individuals who would seek to blame the Liverpool fans, viewing them as drunks, ill-mannered louts who brought this appalling tragedy on themselves.

Coming in the face of all the evidence from the inquiry, this is an incredible stance - perhaps proving that some people will never move on, no matter how decisively wrong they are proven.