It’s my Opinion

MUCH to my own surprise I find myself thinking it would be no bad thing if Scotland voted yes in the forthcoming referendum.

Now there’s a shock to all of you who thought I was a dyed-in-the-wool Unionist. But don’t get too excited, as there is a long way to go before October 2014,much can yet happen in the my mind , as indeed will be the case for those who have yet to make up their minds about which way to vote.

Ironically David Cameron is on the one hand threatening to take the UK out of Europe, while on the other he is attempting to keep the rag - bag that we call United intact.

On the first issue the PM is of course only posturing, while pandering to his own back - benchers who as usual are calling the shots.

On the issue of keeping Scotland in the Union I believe he means business, though for many English people, both those south of the border and living up here, it could be a question of ‘who will rid me of these troublesome Scots.’

All in all it is a bit of guddle, as Westminster fiddles - probably literally, Rome burns, or in this case the UK economy and all the problems that face the nation either side of Hadrian’s Wall.

I therefore have to come back to my own threat of voting yes, which is not made lightly, given all the facts about our own administration.

Currently we have our own legal system, a reasonable education set up, a single police service, our roads are run by our own local authorities in tandem with the Scottish Government, all adding up to a forceful case for separation.

The issues of a monetary system and a defence set up are of course to be tackled, but not beyond the wit of us Scots to solve, especially given the shrinking of our armed services under the Tories.

The scare tactics of the union lobby can easily be dismissed as just exactly that, for as far as I can see the PM and his cross - party chums do not have a coherent case for us remaining as one.

Debate after debate is in fact negative in the extreme, which should the same line continue will result in further confusing the real matter facing us, which is in my book a question of whether we could survive as a separate state.

When someone comes up with a convincing case for either side of the argument I will be some way to having made up my mind on which way to vote.

In the meantime I am acutely aware that time is not on our side. Failure to come to a conclusion will only muddy the waters further.

Heads of the aforementioned services are already preparing for separation. The real question is are you ready for it?

On a very personal level I could live with Scotland being a separate nation in Europe and all live with all that entails, but would be less than comfortable living under the SNP banner for what is left of my life.

I do not in fact think that should be a concern, for if Scotland decides to go it alone, it would surely revert to its left wing roots, free of the SNP and their narrow band of nationalism.

I can live with such a state of affairs, but we are a long way from reaching a Labour controlled country, held back the UK Party who could never hope to win an English election without Scotland.

Confused did you say! And about to get really messy, but make up your own mind, if you can get to grip with the facts, and not the fiction of the debate, which is where I take most umbrage with our current First Minister.