It’s my Opinion

USING the deaths of six innocent children to promote your political dogma is about as low as you can surely sink, but that is exactly what George Osborne did last week.

Unbelievably David Cameron sank to the same low level a day later in support of his beleaguered chancellor.

Skewing the tragedy of the Derby deaths to fit your political agenda must surely have nauseatated any fair minded voter who could see for themselves that the Mick Philpott case was not typical of the welfare abuse the two discredited would like us to believe is the norm in the UK.

But undeterred the two continue the war of hate against society’s most vulnerable. It is of course not new, having gone on for as long as I can remember.

If the despicable Philpott were typical of claimants we really would have a problem, begging the question as to wonder what comes next from our out of touch public school boys.

Indeed I suspect the war of nasty, venomous words will escalate into the referendum build up, leading Osborne at some point to say “ and as for you Scots you are the biggest scroungers of the lot.” It has been said before by previous members of his party.

Not least of our detractors being Margaret Thatcher who said of us “I find the Scots the most mean minded of people.” So nothing is new.

What might be alarmingly new for the Unionists is a dramatic swing to the yes lobby, which is maybe what Messrs Cameron and Osborne want. Getting rid of Scotland might just have great appeal for the English Tories.

In fairness to our own First Minister - not that I usually am, he has not taken advantage of the situation, sensibly leaving us to sit in judgement of the desperate actions of our Westminster leaders.

Personally I am surprised at Cameron, for despite his poor leadership I had him down as a fair-minded man, but then you don’t get to the top in politics by being nice.

It would, however, be good if he were to withdraw his misplaced words before it is too late, but I dream, knowing as I do that in fact there are many out there who support his ignorant stance.

What we must not do under any circumstances get drawn into the negativity about those on benefit, for clearly that is the intention of HM Government. What other motive could there be?

But don’t get me wrong I actually welcome a healthy ambitious debate, not least on the subject of an independent Scotland.

Sadly it is not forthcoming, as all I hear is yes you have guessed it, negative vibes, including contempt for the unemployed, and the more vulnerable of our society.

For my money, and yours I would maintain these groups would get a fairer deal under a Scottish administration, which fact is already partly true as our legal and education systems are our own, separate from England.