Cllrs pleased with transport links progress

Councillors push for A90 to Peterhead to be dualled.

Councillors push for A90 to Peterhead to be dualled.

Aberdeenshire councillors have renewed their campaign to strengthen transport links to Peterhead.

The ‘Why Stop at Ellon?’ initiative, spearheaded by representatives from both North East towns, is pushing for the dual carriageway to be extended.

And independent councillors from Peterhead are pleased progress is being made with the restoration of the railway network in the North East.

A Nestrans Regional Transport Strategy document has identified improving transportation to Peterhead and throughout the Energetica corridor as a priority.

Conservative councillor for Ellon and District Gillian Owen said: “This is fantastic news for the North East.

“At last we are being taken seriously - the road network up here is dire and the best way to improve this is to start by upgrading the road network.

Cllr Owen continued: “When you look around Aberdeenshire our roads network has been forgotten and no new money has been spent up here for years.”

She also highlighted problems with the Haudigan junction in Aberdeen - on the route from the south to Peterhead - which is regularly brought to a standstil

Independent Peterhead councillors Tom Malone and Alan Gardiner have said that progress is also being made concerning the restoration of rail links.

The Nestrans report concludes that although a Buchan rail network is only a long term possibility, the feasibility, cost and benefits are being discussed.

Cllr Gardiner said: “In relation to the Buchan corridor this would be done in the context of an all modes study in line with the objectives of the Energetica project.”

Cllr Malone added: “Whilst we are clearly still some way off from seeing actual developments, at least our voice in the North East and Buchan is now being heard and taken seriously.”




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