Ministers accused of ignoring A90 ‘vision’

Councillor Gillian Owen has repeatedly called for the dualling of the A90 from Ellon to Peterhead.

Councillor Gillian Owen has repeatedly called for the dualling of the A90 from Ellon to Peterhead.

A councillor has accused the Scottish Government of ignoring the possibility of dualling the A90 trunk road from Ellon to Peterhead.

Ellon and District representative Gillian Owen has repeatedly called for the 18-mile extension to be added to the scheduled carriageway project from Balmedie to Tipperty.

She said she was “profoundly disappointed” that ministers had failed to take on board the proposed initiative of the region’s transport partnership, Nestrans, to look at the dualling of the A90 through to Peterhead.

Mrs Owen was speaking after Aberdeenshire councillors last week discussed at full council a draft response to the Scottish Government’s proposed national planning framework.

The document sets out development planning in Scotland over the next 20-30 years.

Councillor Owen said: “I don’t apologise for being parochial or for keeping an eye on my area.

“The road to Peterhead is a trunk road and is therefore controlled by the Scottish Government.

“The North-east corner has been sadly overlooked and under-developed for decades.”

She added that the potential of Peterhead Harbour’s deep-water capacity was ever increasing and, combined with the new prison and ever-expanding housing developments in the area, meant it was crucial plans were urgently pursued for a modern up-to-date transport network.

The councillor said: “This framework document sadly lacks this type of development for the North-east.

“As a representative for the Ellon and District ward, I urge the Scottish Government to take cognisance of the Nestrans initiative and say ‘Why stop at Ellon’, and please include in the framework document the dualling of Ellon to Peterhead/Fraserburgh.”




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