Udny woman in charity single appeal

Tony Lewis: Conrad's father promoting the charity single

Tony Lewis: Conrad's father promoting the charity single

A young Udny woman is appealing to the North-east to download a charity single in memory of her cousin who was killed in Afghanistan.

Private Conrad Lewis was shot on February 9, 2011, aged 22 and the third anniversary of his death has seen a charity single released.

Soldier On, was recorded by The Big Secret Sound featuring Andrew James and written by Chris Onslow - the father of one of Conrad’s friends.

Conrad’s cousin, Gillian Holmes, 34, from Udny Green, said that the proceeds will go to charity 353... which was set up by the family as he was the 353rd UK soldier to be killed in Afghanistan.

Gillian told the Times: “The song speaks to a lot of people - it’s for those who have lost anyone or who is separated from someone.

“Lots of people have been downloading but we need around 7,500 downloads to make it reach the top 40.”

Conrad, from Warwickshire, was out on patrol as a lead scout when he was shot in 2011.

353... supports various charities that help soldiers and their families.

Gillian said her cousin was a “typical lad,” and that ”folk in the army said he was always the loud mouth making noise for good or bad.”

She added: “Conrad’s dad was also a military man and he used to send us postcards from exotic places - it’s a shame that my little boy, Adam, won’t get the same from Conrad.”

While Conrad was away on duty he befriended a stray dog - which is now a much loved family pet called Peg - because the regiment Conrad was in was called Pegagsus.




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