Takin throu han By Bill Johnston

Weel, weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

A wid imagine aat yer aa jist a wee bittie like m’sel, fair fed up wi es chyngeable wither aat wiv bin haein n nae bein able tae get richt yokit oot in wir gairdins? A canna mak up mi myn if wir gettin e Teuchat’s Storm ar if it’s e Gab o’ Mey? Bit A sippose as wi aa ken wi jist hiv tae tak fit cams n get on wi’t!

Hooiver, es hinmaist Setterday here, (12th), the ane fin e sun shone n it wis rale waarm, A hiv tae say aat A gid a wee thochtie feel – A managed tae plunt mi tatties! Bit of coorse, as ye wid expec, A didna jist stop there, na, na, A gid on n saaed some seeds asweel, carrots n beetroot n sic like – so did A stop then? Again na, na, weel A did tell ye aat A gid a bittie feel, it wis sic a fine day aat A yokit e mower n A got aa mi girss cut! Weel A jist thocht A wisna gyaun tae waste mi time listenin til e Dons match on e wireless, A kent they wid either draa ar cam aff warst . So it wis’na muckle o a surprise tae hear aat they’d scrapit a draa yet agin!

So efter daein aa es wirk ootside A’m sure ye aa ken fit A wis like efter A hid sat m’sel doon for a ten ar fifteen meenits tae enjoy a fine fly cuppie, gweed sakes A cwid hardly meeve withoot pechin n groanin – ivery jint n ivery muscle stoond like billyo!!!! Nae maitter, it wis richt pleesint n satisfyin, eence A eveentually managed tae craal back ootside agin, tae see e placie leukin rale trim n tidy like. A hiv tae say tho’ aat e girss is still gey slow tae growe, nae muckle winner wi aa es caul wither aat wir aye gettin!

In ane o e parks at e back o wir hoosie here at Mossies, the ane at e tap o e hull, ower e past twa three days there’s bin a great amount o wirk goin on.

Noo es park hid bin plooed a twa three month back n then jist left. Aa the ither parks roon aboot hid bin saain wi cereal craps bit es ane wis jist left.

Weel noo, there’s bin cultivators n grubbers n gweed kens fit else hiv bin gyaun ful tilt in es park, then efter them in gid a great big dreel ploo. Fin e dreels hid bin set up then in cam twa muckle de-steenin machines aat flattened oot e dreels till a gweed twal tae fifteen inches deep n fower tae five fit wide, n githered up e steens at e same time.

Muckle steens, sma steens, steens o aa shapes n sizes wis dumpit at the eyn o the dreels. In fac, as far as A cwid see there hid bin aboot fower big cairt loads o them wis cairted awa.

So fit his aa es activity n “machine intensified” preparation n wirk bin in aid o? Weel first lat mi say aat the hale Mossie population o rubbits are gyaun tae be fair trickit n richt pleased? Ye see aa this wirk his bin for e saain o their faavrit food….carrots!

Weel, A jist hope aat wi aa es carrots growin at e tap o the hull the rubbits wull leave my anes aleen doon here at e boddom o the hull – tho A hae mi doots!?