Buzzers not bunnies

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It would have been nice to report that Bunny Leeches were the flies which attracted the fish over the Easter break at Lochter Fishery but they had only limited success and it was small black Buzzers which were responsible for the most consistent bags.

At the start of the week A P Crawford did have three on a black Bunny but with the sun shining down from cloudless skies it was deep fished, slowly retrieved Buzzers which were the scoring flies.

Steve Price started the Buzzer ball rolling on Tuesday with nine to his name and was quickly followed up by Bill Ferguson with eight, Paul Wilson with seven, Bob Taylor with seven, Ben Reynolds, eight, Doug Mair, 10, Tom Murray, seven, Ian Jack, nine, Ian Hutchison, seven, Tom Murray, seven, George Abel, seven and Peter Young 15 on Sunday to conclude the week.

There were some successful variations with Colin Menzies on his first visit to Lochter netting eight using Damsel Nymphs and Nomads, Les Mess accounting for 14 using a mixture of Blobs and Beetles and Len Davidson from Macduff, six on Nomads. There were plenty of bags of five and six.

The catch figures bode well for the Spring singles event scheduled this Sunday, April 27, at Lochter.

Anglers should register by 9am and lunch will be included. More information the fishery on (01651) 872787 or 872000.