AWPR yielding benefits to the rural community

Cattle ring at Thainstone
Cattle ring at Thainstone

The opening of the AWPR has transformed the travel times faced by the farming community in reaching major North-east markets, according to Thainstone Mart.

Recent evidence suggests travel times faced by buyers and sellers have fallen since the new route opened in February this year, including significant livestock welfare benefits.

Livestock hauliers are reporting greater efficiencies with significant time savings of up to 60 minutes for deliveries, allowing them to travel further in less time than before.

Haulage before sales is also better planned and less stressful for livestock, helped by Thainstone’s offer of free eve of sale lairage for all livestock.

Chief executive, Grant Rogerson, believes the reduced haulage time and lairage advantage is opening up a massive new opportunity for the co-operative and for farmers who will now Think Thainstone for the first time.

He said: “While the new road has been a very long time coming it’s been worth the wait and is, of course, a vital upgrade to the North East’s network infrastructure.

“Our evidence suggests that it is now having important practical advantages for hard-pressed livestock producers across the region and beyond.

“That’s good news for the region, good news for the rural economy and a tangible benefit for our co-operative’s members.

“Easier access to Thainstone is growing our membership and client base and the simple fact is that, because of our community-ownership model, the more people who use our Mart to sell livestock, the more savings we can pass onto them.

“In addition, wider awareness of our free-lairage offer means that not only is shorter travel times good for livestock and hauliers, but the entire selling experience is also less stressful for farmers too,” he added.