Bid to reduce speed limit on Ellon’s South Road

Moves are underway to reduce the speed limit on a busy Ellon road in a bid to increase safety in the town.

Thursday, 6th March 2014, 7:00 am
South Road

Aberdeenshire Council plan to cut the speed limit on Ellon’s B9005 South Road from 60pmh to 40mph.

If approved, the existing 40mph section on South Road would be extended to a position past the new academy.

Proposals have also been put forward to extend the current 30mph limit to the edge of the town, with the aim of increasing safety for those attending the new facility when it opens.

An aerial view of the new Ellon Academy campus at Cromleybank taking shape.

Councillor Isobel Davidson said that she is keen to see the speed limit reduced now before the road becomes even busier.

Councillor Davidson said: “There are already lorries starting to use the road.

“I think that the speed limit should be moved now rather than waiting until it gets busier.

“If the speed limit was lowered as you leave Ellon or as you arrive into the town and in plenty of time before the new academy opens - it would allow people to get used to it.”

Ellon Community Council support the recent developments.

Chairman, Sandy McDougall, said: “The community council welcome Aberdeenshire Council’s proposal to reduce the speed limit and we hope that they do this during the construction phase.

“Once the academy is open a reduced limit will be welcomed as we understand the route will be used by up to 500 pupils to access the academy.”

Councillor Richard Thomson said that the opening of the new academy means that drivers will soon have to change the way they view the section of South Road and start treating it as they would any road in a built-up area.

Mr Thomson said: “Extending the existing 30 mph limit to the edge of the town and moving the 40 mph limit outwards to take account of the entrance to the new academy will, I think, strike most people as being sensible safety measures. I look forward to seeing the proposals in due course.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Transportation, Ewan Wallace, said: “It is the intention of officers to extend the existing 40mph speed limit section of Ellon’s South Road to a position beyond the entrance to the new academy.

“It is also proposed to extend the existing 30mph limit to the edge of the town with a view to increasing safety for people attending the new facility.

“There will be an opportunity for consultation on the proposals as part of the process of promoting a Traffic Order to bring the change into effect.

“The formal process usually takes at least six months and officers are already working on it.”