Councillor demands action over potholes

An Ellon councillor has stepped up her demand for road repairs to be carried out at a local business park.

Friday, 21st February 2014, 7:00 am
Emma Garvie with her car which drove into one of the potholes at the industrial site.

Gillian Owen has made repeated calls for work to be done on potholes at Balmacassie.

Her latest criticism came after an approach from a Pitmedden woman, Emma Garvie, who complained about the damage caused to her car after driving over a pothole.

Councillor Owen wants business park owners, M Bruce and Partners, to urgently address the problem.

Emma Garvie with her car which drove into one of the potholes at the industrial site.

She said: “A number of residents have complained about damage and to all of them, I suggested they forward their invoices to Bruce & Partners.

“Obviously most were knocked back, but Mrs Garvie has been very persistent, good luck to her.

“I have been campaigning about the road surface for years - the craters and raised drains are dangerous and you can see cars zig-zagging down the road to avoid them.”

Mrs Garvie, 34, was heading to the town’s recycling centre, with her six-year-old daughter last October when she struck the pothole.

Mrs Garvie with her daughter, Abbie, along with Councillor Gillian Owen

She told the Times: “The pothole was filled with water as it was raining so I didn’t see it, there was traffic on the other side of the road so I couldn’t avoid it or assess how deep it was.

“I hit it with an almighty thump and then the car had an odd vibration afterwards. I drove it slowly home and asked my husband, Andrew, who’s an engineer to look at it.”

It was found that the nearside front alloy wheel had suffered a severe crack.

Mrs Garvie sent a bill of £79 plus VAT to M Bruce and Partners, covering the cost of the alloy wheel repair.

The firm replied stating that they were not due for the bill and that responsibility lay with Aberdeenshire Council because they had stopped final resurfacing work.

Mrs Owen said: “The Balmacassie Business Park is thriving and an excellent addition to the Ellon economy yet the road surface and paths leave a lot to be desired. Aberdeenshire Council stopped the supposed resurfacing, because tenants required gas which needed to be installed and would naturally create disturbance.”

Aberdeenshire Council’s Head of Transportation, Ewan Wallace, said: “M Bruce & Partners are responsible for the day-to-day management and superintendence of all matters related to the project until the roads and footways are completed to an adoptable standard.

“Whilst the final surfacing carriageway works cannot be carried out until gas main works are completed, the developer is still responsible for safety within this development site which includes general maintenance of the roads and footways.”

M Bruce and Partners were contacted for comment by the Times but have not so far responded.