Ellon residents seek help after trees fall on houses during storms

Residents of Slains Crescent in Ellon suffered a dangerous near miss when trees fell on their houses in the recent storms.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 21st February 2022, 12:02 pm
Councillor Gillian Owen (right) with residents Tina Haddon and Alex Stewart survey the damage
Councillor Gillian Owen (right) with residents Tina Haddon and Alex Stewart survey the damage

For many years the tree belts within the Castle Park have been a cause of concern as to who is responsible for their maintenance.

After damage caused by the storms residents have turned to Ellon and District councillor Councillor Gillian Owen to ask for her help in it being put right

Councillor Owen said: “I have received contact from a number of residents about the damage caused to their properties from the recent storms and their fears for further storms.

"Trees fell on several roofs and thankfully no one was injured, but there was significant damage to property and a mountain of debris spread all over the gardens.

"There needs to be clarity for residents for who is going to take responsible and in order to try and establish the facts I agreed to write to Barratts.

"I asked Barratts to make good on the damage caused and ensure the rest of the trees are checked on health and safety grounds and for this to be carried out urgently.”

Councillor Owen has subsequently been to Slains Crescent to meet with the residents and see first-hand the damage that had been done, but also to see the state of the trees along the strip behind the houses.

She has since received a reply from Simon Hodge of Barratts which stated: “David Palmer, managing director Barratt DWH North Scotland, has asked me to review the points you have raised and provide a response to you on behalf of the company.

‘I can confirm that procedures are in place to ensure the divisional management team remain regularly updated on the progress of the items you have raised on behalf of the residents of Castle Park.’

Councillor Owen said: “This is welcome news although rather ambiguous.

“My residents are naturally worried and concerned, even to the extent of moving rooms to sleep for fear of more trees falling on their houses!

"My heart goes out to them, and I sincerely hope that Barratts have taken account of the issues I have drawn to their attention and already taken action!”