Home care worker retires after 27 years

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A Tarves home care worker has retired after 27 years of service in the village.

Patty Massie finished up at the end of October but her colleagues held a special farewell afternoon for her on Monday, November 28.

Patty was delighted to receive flowers, chocolates and a beautiful handmade cake from her colleagues.

She is a very well-known character in the village, particularly because she travels around on her push bike.

Her colleagues worked out that during her time as a home care worker, Patty travelled31,752 miles around Tarves - that’s around one and a half trips around the Earth!

Speaking to the Times about her retirement Patty said: “It’s strange and will take a while to adjust, I’m so used to seeing my clients and having a routine.

“I plan to enjoy my retirement by spending more time with my six grandchildren and my son is getting married in December so I have that to look forward to.”

Care team co-ordinator, Linda Firth, added: “She’ll be a miss, her clients have all said they will miss her.

“She went round to say goodbye to them all before he left.”