Inverurie Post Office to close at the end of the month

Inverurie Post Office will close its doors on Monday, January 31 and services will cease from 12.30pm.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 6:50 am
Updated Wednesday, 12th January 2022, 6:50 am
Inverurie Post Office will close on January 31.
Inverurie Post Office will close on January 31.

The closure of the branch at 33 West High Street has been prompted by the resignation of the Postmaster and withdrawal of the current premises for Post Office use.

It is hoped that the closure will only be a temporary measure while another operator and premises are found.

The Post Office's network provision lead David Duff said: "Regrettably, following the resignation of the postmaster and the withdrawal of the premises for Post Office use, the branch will be closing temporarily on Monday, January 31, 2022 at 12.30pm.

"Looking after a nationwide network of Post Office services, we have a responsibility to make sure every service makes the best possible use of resources, while ensuring that customers can still access our products and services.

"I can assure you that we will continue to work to find a solution that will provide a Post Office service to the local community."

Gordon MP Richard Thomson has expressed concerns over the closure: “This announcement will be a concern for many people in Inverurie who use the Post Office.

“I appreciate that circumstances in business change, particularly at the current time, and the location of Post Offices can change with that, so I hope that an alternative operator can be found quickly.

"We are fortunate that we have a second Post Office in the town at Highclere Business Park which will continue to operate as normal.

“However, given the increasing importance of Post Offices in the delivery of banking services and access to cash, not to mention the increase in parcel business, it is important that Inverurie is not left for a prolonged period without a Post Office in the town centre and I will be contacting Post Office management in this regard.

“Meantime, this presents an opportunity for a local business to become the heart of the town centre by becoming the next host of the Post Office and I would urge anyone who is interested in finding out more to get in contact with me.”

Richard Thomson can be contacted through his website at