New business is silver lining during pandemic

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, one woman has shown that there has been a silver lining over the last year or so.

Thursday, 13th May 2021, 12:00 am
Michelle's love of fitness led her to start Buggyfit Aberdeenshire.

After being made redundant from her marketing and design exec role, Michelle Moles decided to take the plunge and start her own business.

Extremely passionate about fitness, and the positive effect it can have on our physical and mental fitness, Michelle retrained as a Fitness Instructor specialising in Pre & Post Natal Fitness.

She said: “After being a client of Buggyfit myself I was envious of the trainer and really felt it is something I would love to pursue myself but working full time and home life always got in the way before now.

"Looking back, it’s something I should have done a long time ago, it just took a pandemic for me to re-evaluate my work life balance.

"Buggyfit seemed the perfect complement to family life, and my love of fitness and so Buggyfit Aberdeenshire was born.”

If you don’t know of Buggyfit already, its fantastic benefits for mum and baby, as Michelle explains: “Buggyfit is an outdoor exercise class devised for postnatal mums allowing them to bring their babies in the pram or buggy.

“After having a baby, life appears to absorb all your time with 'baby activities', but studies show that taking time out for yourself, especially to exercise, is fantastic not only for your fitness levels but mental state too, relieving stress, improving stamina, and making for a happier mum.

“Buggyfit comes with the added bonus of exercising with like-minded women enabling you to make new friends and benefit from the social fun these classes bring.

"No crèche or babysitting expenses needed, just a great mix of fat-burning and re-toning with baby by your side and friends to chat to.”

Michelle continued: “The social and mental benefits are of course not the only focus at a Buggyfit class.

"The trainers also ensure each mum gets an appropriate workout to suit her fitness level, be it back to fitness from a fit pre pregnancy or starting from scratch.”

For more information on Buggyfit, including locations near you, and to book your place with Michelle, visit the website