Survey suggests transport links are "poor"

A survey of Newmachar residents has shown that nearly two thirds believe the main A947 road is too congested, while a majority don't feel public transport links are good enough.

Friday, 22nd June 2018, 5:39 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd June 2018, 5:43 pm
Gordon MP Colin Clark

Responses to the consultation launched by Gordon MP Colin Clark also suggest that a majority are in favour of ‘Option Q’ for the new dualled A96 Aberdeen-Inverness road, which would link to the A947 north of Dyce.

Scottish Conservative MP Mr Clark had canvassed locals to gauge their views on traffic and to ask if they thought a link to the upgraded and fully dualled A96 would help to ease pressure on the A947 through the village.

Responses suggested that people felt that drivers do not pay enough attention to the 30mph speed limit through the centre of the town, while there are concerns that traffic congestion could lead to accidents.

The survey showed that 60% of those who responded had concerns about congestion on the A947, 63% said that public transport was unsatisfactory while 53% backed ‘Option Q’ for the A96 dualling.

Mr Clark, who has been a vocal supporter of ‘Option Q’ for the A96, one of several still under consideration by Transport Scotland, said the survey was a useful exercise.

He said: “I have talked to a lot of constituents on the doorsteps in Newmachar but I thought the survey was a good way of getting the views of more people.

“I am grateful to those that have taken the time to respond.

“The results clearly show that there is concern locally about congestion on the A947 and that many residents believe drivers are not paying enough heed to the speed limit.

“The congested nature of the town centre leads some to believe it is only a matter of time before there is an accident.

“The dualling of the A96 provides an opportunity to ease the pressure on the A947. At the moment, there are just too many cars on the road at peak times.

“If Transport Scotland adopt Option Q, there will be significant benefits to areas like Newmachar that will reduce the chances of accidents.

“I hope that this proposal, which would also avoid impacting negatively upon our stunning local landmark of Bennachie, will be agreed."