Tarves hotel owners’ reunion set to stir the memories

A group of hoteliers are preparing for a trip down memory lane in Tarves this weekend.

Friday, 27th September 2013, 8:00 am
Former owners of Aberdeen Arms at Tarves

The current and former owners of the village’s Aberdeen Arms Hotel are holding a reunion on Sunday.

Behind the special get-together is Lucy Lee, who ran the hotel with husband William from 1992-2007.

She contacted original owner Rita Davidson (1968-78), Dot and Sandy Davidson, who ran the hotel from 78-92, and current owners Val Fowlie and son Colin.

Over the years, the Aberdeen Arms has hosted medieval banquets and was a popular venue for Scotland The What! performances, appearances by Cockney duo Chas and Dave and a host of other entertainment events.

Lucy told the Times: “I thought it would be a good idea to get together because we talk about the old times and everything, but never really sit down together or eat together.

“So I said to them ‘what about getting together’ - and they thought it was a brilliant idea.

“Ww have a lot of happy memories of the hotel from the 15 years we spent there and I’m sure the other owners do too.

“Local people have always been very supportive of the hotel and it is very much the hub of the community.”

The publicans will meet at lunchtime when they will enjoy a meal in the hotel that holds special memories for them all.