Blooming success for RotaKids

Foveran Primary School head teacher David Williams with the Foveran Rotakids
Foveran Primary School head teacher David Williams with the Foveran Rotakids

Foveran RotaKids showed their commitment to the global campaign for the eradication of polio by planting crocus bulbs at the primary school last year.

Springtime has brought a beautiful display of purple crocuses spelling out “End Polio Now” and all those involved agree that the learning experience from the planting has brought a brilliant result.

Purple crocus bulbs were used because, in the countries where immunisation programmes are being undertaken, children have their thumbs coloured with purple dye to show that they have been immunised.

The bulbs were supplied free by the Ellon Rotary Club.

RotaKids is an organisation for children of primary school age which through fun and fellowship gives them the opportunity to learn about social responsibility and service – locally, nationally and internationally.

RotaKids are enthusiastic, eager to help and enjoy working with others in their primary school class or junior school group.

The group is also a really simple way for children ages between 7 and 10 years to make new friends and help others in their local community.

RotaKids also helps its members develop the ability and confidence to take up their place in society as responsible, successful, effective citizens both now and in the future.

Foveran RotaKids is sponsored by Ellon Rotary.

For information on RotaKids and Rotary contact or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

There is also Interact for those aged 12 to 18 years, and Rotaract for people aged between 18 and 30.