Pupils’ support for baby project

Newburgh Mathers pupils present their blanket to Susanna Bastable, of the New Life Home Trust.
Newburgh Mathers pupils present their blanket to Susanna Bastable, of the New Life Home Trust.

Newburgh Mathers Primary School pupils have done their bit to support an organisation in Kenya that rescues and cares for abandoned babies.

The youngsters have gifted a blanket and presented a cheque for £100 to the New Life Home Trust.

As part of Newburgh Mathers Fairtrade working group, led by teacher Mairi Stewart and parent Paula Hawthorn, pupils have been working on a variety of Fairtrade projects throughout the year.

This included a link-up with the New Life Home Trust in Nairobi, which operates five infant rescue centres in the country.

The Trust is a Christian organisation that rescues abandoned and HIV babies in Nairobi and surrounding areas and gives them love, medical care, compassion, feeding programmes and education with the main aim to have them adopted back into Kenyan families and therefore a “new life”.

The Newburgh pupils designed and made individual material squares that were sewn together by Marsaili Bruce, from local Ellon business “Sewing Alterations”, and a beautiful babies blanket was produced.

In addition, the school donated £100 to the trust from various Fairtrade events which the pupils helped to organise.

Susanna and Guy Bastable, previously from Methlick, who have run the New Life Home Trust in Nairobi since 2010, were over to visit and attended an assembly at Newburgh Mathers Primary School at the end of May.

Susanna was presented with the blanket and cheque, and gave a talk to the children about the amazing work they do for the babies and children in Kenya.

Founded in 1994, the trust’s aim is to care for abandoned babies until they can be introduced to families for fostering and adoption. Where this is not possible, long term care is provided by the trust.

The babies who are rescued do not have names when they are found, and Susanna has given the Newburgh pupils the opportunity to choose one girl and one boy’s name.

This will continue the links between Newburgh and New Life, and Susanna will keep the pupils up to date on the babies’ progress.

For more information contact Paula Hawthorn 01358 789751/07854 186968 or go to www.newlifehometrust.org