The best emerging life-changing technology of 2020

Every year, new pieces of tech are launched that have the potential to change the world as we know it and make it a better place. Keeping an eye on these pieces of technology and how they have the potential to change the world is incredibly important, as it gives us a real understanding of how we are shaping our future for the better. Here are some of the pieces of tech that are

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Monday, 6th July 2020, 11:31 am
We now live in a world where prosthetic limbs and artificial organs are becoming more commonplace

Artificial limbs and body parts

We now live in a world where prosthetic limbs and artificial organs are becoming more commonplace and it is easier than ever for patients outside of private healthcare to get them. In particular, high-quality prosthetic limbs can now be 3D-printed which makes them far cheaper and easier to produce.

With minds like Abdo Haidar and Tej Kohli London pushing forward with development in this area, they and other business leaders like Florida-based Albert Manero are now setting up their own charities to help children and other young people get artificial limbs that are of high-quality and really work for them as individuals. These leaps forward could make a massive difference to many people all around the world.

Smart home technology

Thanks to AI assistants and home gadgets, many of us are already familiar with some form of smart technology in our home. These are noticeably making our lives better, and they can provide easy solutions to problems we may have had.

There is always something new launching and it is worth keeping up with. For example, smart locks are becoming far more commonplace in everyday homes. Keyless entry could be a big innovation in all areas, whether a home is urban, suburban, or rural. OR consider a smart doorbell, which allows people to see who is behind the door before they open it, helping keep vulnerable people safe.

Predictive medicine

Healthcare has been making leaps and bounds recently to move towards a level of care that will improve a patient’s life without being overly invasive. The next stage of medicine and medical care that is being assessed now is predictive medicine. This will hopefully be able to treat patients before they even show symptoms.

So far, we have already seen cancer being detected in the blood of patients before other symptoms of the disease are presented. If there is one area of medicine that could completely transform healthcare as we know it, it could be this. The applications are vast, and it could help people to live much healthier and happier lives.

These are just three of the sectors that are seeing a big boost at the moment. This decade has already been referred to as another industrial revolution. We are likely to see a massive amount of innovation, and it is certain that the world we live in in 2030 will be completely different to where we find ourselves now.