New app helps deliver efficiency in care at home across north east

Cera Care in Aberdeen and the north east have rolled out revolutionary new technology for care at home.

By Dawn Renton
Wednesday, 25th August 2021, 9:15 am
Cera Care’s unique handheld App will improve the safety of those cared for.
Cera Care’s unique handheld App will improve the safety of those cared for.

The new technology will greatly enhance communications and risk management for those their care teams look after in their own homes.

Nicola Keenan, manager of Cera Care for Aberdeen and the North east of Scotland, said: “Looking after people who need extra help at home to remain independent, is a job full of reports and paperwork which is essential to manage care.

“But all that has changed since Cera Care introduced a whole new operating system to make things easier and give reports faster.”

“It starts with an APP for families of loved ones we care for on a daily basis. This new app enables their families to see updates on the care that we give, in real time, and helps us all identify any risks very quickly.

"This means we can be really pro-active if we can see a sudden downward trend in someone’s health that needs attention.”

The new technology shows when a carer is due to visit, and identifies which carer will attend. It then raises any concerns the care worker has for the person they are looking after.

It flags up health risks much faster than previous reporting systems. This system also connects in the Cera Carer APP which the care workers use, so that as a team someone whose health may be at risk is identified immediately and additional support can be given much faster than before.

“The staff team planner element of this new technology has really helped my team,” continues Nicola.

“Everything can be accessed on a smart phone. Some families of people cared for here in Scotland live quite far away , so this gives them the opportunity to connect remotely with these reports and these people have fed back their appreciation of this new technology which is helping us to look after their loved ones. It also directly emails the families.

“We welcome all this new technology driven care system. It improves the safety of those we care for and improves the working lives of our team.”

Cera works directly with local authorities to deliver care at home across Scotland. The Aberdeen branch currently looks after 200 people.