1st Ellon Girls Brigade rewarded for efforts

THE 1st Ellon Girls Brigade recently hosted its annual prizegiving and presentations ceremony presided over for the last time by Morak Doak.

Wednesday, 25th May 2011, 11:04 am

Those rewarded for excelence and effort throughout the past term were as follows:

Barclay Trophy: Eilidh Hislop and Julie Ambrose (Best Explorer).

Kirk Session Trophy: Abby Riddell and Anne Ambrose (Best Junior).

Captain’s Shield: Eilidh Cruickshank (Best Brigader).

Butler Trophy: Samantha Milne and Sophie Coxon (Best new girl).

Kirk Session Trophy: Iona McCallum (Christian Education).

Kirkup Shield: Katie Clark and Caitlin Morrison (Endeavour).

McKenzie Trophy: Sarah Reid and Sarah Doak (Endurance).

Ballycraigy Cup: Caeleah Morrison (Achievement).

Martha McRae Trophy: Betty McRae and Lauren Taylor (Special Award).

Boys’ Brigade Trophy: S3 and S6 (Chloe Long & Caeleah Morrison (Best Squad).

Leadership 1 Certificates: Chloe Long, Lauren Taylor, Caeleah Morrison .

Leadership 2 Certificate: Ashleigh Grant, Kateah Bruce.

Buchan Division, Centenary Trophy Winners: Eilidh Hislop, Rebecca Hewlitt, Ashleigh Grant.

Girls’ Brigade Scotland, Brigader Competition, 3rd place award: Phoebe Ripley, Eilidh Cruickshank, Bebhionn Paterson.

Queen’s Award: Aisha Walker.