A blast against psychic fraud: Ythanbank’s Damon to perform at Tunnels

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AN YTHANBANK musician is seeking to make a point - through the power of music.

Damon Martin, of Traumatosis, is set to perform his new album ‘Cold Reading’ on April 25, at the Tunnels in Aberdeen. Unlike most musicians, however, Damon’s music isn’t simply there to be hummed along to. He hopes to make a serious point, with a message condemning the work of celebrity psychics, whose work he describes as a ‘sham’.

“It started with my interest in magic,” he told the Times. “I wanted to become a magician in my younger years, and most magicians can see through the tricks pyschics use to make their stories sound plausible. This album is a reaction to those tricks.”

Cold Reading, which features Damon’s own music on a wide number of instruments - with drums by Gav Allan of Semper Fi - explores the dark underbelly of an industry which, Damon says, exists only as a parasite on the misery of those who have lost loved ones. Describing the sound as ‘moody, dark and explosive’ and ‘psychological rock’, he says that it was a topic he felt so strongly about that he felt the need to speak out.

The concert has been built up with a slick PR campaign involving the dispersal of mysterious envelopes throughout Aberdeenshire containing tickets to the gig addressed to ‘Unmet Friends’ and ‘Dearest Stranger’.

“I feel the need to express myself - it’s bursting out of me,” he said. “Music is my medium - if you’ll excuse the pun.”

Traumatosis is playing at the tunnels, Aberdeen, on April 25. For more information, visit www.traumatosis.com.