Businessman’s unusual hobby takes him to the North-east

Duncan Macpherson with the rare number plate.
Duncan Macpherson with the rare number plate.

A businessman with an eye for detail boasts an unusual hobby- collecting car number plates that reflect North-east place names.

Duncan Macpherson, from Inverness, began searching the DVLA website for unique number plates that spell out Scottish towns.

He came across and bought a rare plate that reads EL11ON.

Duncan visited the town during a recent trip to the North-east in which he was calling in on family in Kemnay.

He took in local sights, including a walk up Bennachie with its panoramic views across Aberdeenshire.

During his trip to Ellon, he realised there were a few local firms with the town in their business title, and decided to make the plate available for sale.

Duncan said he spent endless hours trawling through the DVLA website looking at various permutations that spell out place names.

He added: “This is the closest number plate ever issued to the Ellon name and is a special piece of motoring memorobilia.”

The businessman has collected a number of other places names, including BA11NFF, BU11CKE, and CU10DEN (Culloden), near his home.

He is looking for around £1595 for the EL11ON plate and can be contacted on (01463) 793111.