Day Care talk at Garioch Probus

PRESIDENT Derek Murray welcomed a large attendance of members to the latest meeting of the Garioch Probus Club.

Members voted unanimously to offer Honorary Membership to John Ogston, one of the Club’s longest serving members.

Sandy Christie introduced his guest speaker, Mrs Eavan Adams, who works as a Day Care Organiser based at Inverurie Day Care Centre.

The Inverurie Centre is one of 24 registered Day Care Centres in Aberdeenshire. It is a purpose built facility providing day-care facilities for the over-65s, and one of the Inverurie Centre’s “clients” is 101 years young.

Two trained staff and volunteers provide daily care and a wide range and variety of activities, including various physical activities, board games, bingo, musical entertainment, as well as some educational talks on various topics including current affairs.

Perhaps one of the most interesting activities mentioned in Mrs Adams wide-ranging talk was Tai-Chi, which is a popular Chinese health exercise.

Probus members were persuaded to join in a demonstration of this activity by Mrs Adams, providing an interesting end to what had been an extremely enjoyable and informative presentation.