Doric double-bill at Kemnay Hall

FLEEMAN Productions will present a double-bill of Doric plays in Kemnay Village on Saturday, February 11 at 7.30pm. The two plays, by Charles Barron, “Evie” with Yvonne Morton and “As the Bat at Noon” with Brian McDonald and Scott Neish are both set in Aberdeen in the present but with a very different style.

“Evie” is a heart warming comedy, back by popular demand. The much-loved one-woman play starring Yvonne Morton reveals all the humour and pathos of Evie’s life as she tells her story to Toots, her cat.

The postman has brought her two envelopes, one white, which she suspects may be a card from her daughter, and a brown one which could change her life dramatically.

“As The Bat At Noon” is the story of two men, one of them blind, the other an intruder, breaking into the blind man’s home. Who has the upper hand? In a thrilling encounter, first one and then the other is able to dominate the struggle, wits against brawn, psychology against physical strength. Which will prevail?

Tickets are priced at £9 (£7 concession) and are available from the Hair Shop, Kemnay, Kintore Library or on the door on the night.

This production is also playing at Midmar Hall on Friday, February 10.

Fleeman Productions will be returning to Kemnay Hall in May, with “Skirlie”, a brand new Doric comedy by Charles Barron.