Invite to Ellon showcase

Have you ever wondered just what goes on in Ellon and what groups and activities are available for people in the town to attend?

Well if you have, you are not alone. The question is commonly raised at community meetings and a task group has been formed to try and tackle the issue.

Following a community questionnaire on health and wellbeing and particularly access to groups and activities, a vast majority of people said they didn’t know what was available and how to access it.

A showcase event, Fit Like Ellon, will be held in Ellon Community Centre on Saturday, June 8, from 10am-2pm. when local organisations and groups operating in the Ellon area will be invited to come along and have a stand/stall/display/demo/taster session, to showcase what it is they can offer.

The event will be open to the public and organisers want as many people as possible to come along and find out about what is available in Ellon.

Not only will you be able to promote your group or organisation, but there will be an opportunity to meet other groups in the area as well as the chance of attracting new members or volunteers.

If you feel you would like a space, at no charge to your group, You don’t need to be looking for new members to have a stand, organisers just want as many people as possible to know you exist and how they can join if they want to. They will be offering teas and coffees and light snacks at no extra charge.

If you feel you would like a space, at no charge to your group, and want more details contact Mark Mitchell, Community Planning Officer, on 01358 726406 or email