Kintore girls celebrate Girlguiding’s new promise

Kintore Girl Guides have been embracing the new Promise
Kintore Girl Guides have been embracing the new Promise

Members of Girlguiding in Kintore are celebrating the change in Girlguiding’s Promise now it has officially been launched.

The wording of the Promise has been updated to emphasise that Girlguiding is open to all girls and is to be used from September 1.

Both the Promise and Guide Law are the core expression of guiding’s values and a common standard for all guiding members.

Kintore Guides have recently undertaken a number of activities to show their commitment to the Promise and help them understand what it means to them.

Over the past two meetings since term started they have looked at the new wording of the Promise, particularly thinking about “to be true to myself and develop my beliefs”. They have discussed the beliefs they have, concerning their own moral and spiritual beliefs as well as those of others, and how to be tolerant and inclusive of those with different beliefs to their own.

Shonagh (11) from Kintore Guides said: “The new Promise is better as it is more inclusive; by using the words ‘true to my beliefs’ it allows more girls to be included.”

Girls in guiding are encouraged - through the Promise and the Guide and Brownie Laws - to be honest, helpful, considerate and to face challenges, to speak out and take action to improve their lives and the lives of others.

The discussion on the new Promise prompted the girls to spend time thinking about all the different communities they are part of, from their family, the Guiding community, their local villages and beyond.

They reflected on some of the recent community action they have participated in, including a litter pick and participating in Girlguiding’s Together We Can programme where they found out about healthcare in developing countries.

Emma (12), commented that “including the word community in place of country sounds better, it makes it more real and like we can really make a difference to change things we feel strongly about.”

Following a consultation of over 44,000 people of all ages from inside and outside guiding, the Promise was changed to strengthen Girlguiding’s commitment to being open to all girls and women. This new Promise unites all members of Girlguiding in words more easily understood by girls today.

Mikaela Shand, Guide Leader, said: “I’m glad Girlguiding has taken the time to listen to their members when making such a big change.

“Our Guides are really pleased we spent time discussing the possible changes during the consultation period and really feel their opinion matters. I think the new wording expresses more clearly that guiding is open to all girls and that we are not affiliated to any particular faith. I’m glad to be part of an organisation that is evolving with its members; it’s not the first time the Promise has been updated, there have been 11 changes since Girlguiding started!”

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