Probus members revisit the past

Ellon Probus Club members journeyed into the past at their recent meeting.

Speaker Derek Jennings is an enthusiastic archaeologist with a fount of information on the North-east’s rich religious ancestry.

Derek’s talk was centred on Old Deer monastery, located on or near the site of Old Deer Parish Church and not to be confused with Old Deer Abbey, lying to the west of the village.

The monastery dates to the 6th Century and was a locus for the introduction of Christianity to the area. It was also the creational home of the Book of Deer, thought to be the oldest or second oldest book produced in Britain. This handwritten and illustrated book, an account of early Christianity, is a national treasure and is securely held in a Cambridge library.

Dominic Fairlie will give a talk on Ellon Castle Gardens on June 13.