Review: The Inbetweeners

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Having repeatedly been turned away from the cinema due to ‘high demand’ for this particular movie, I was really keen to see it.

I watched the series for its entire duration and laughed myself hoarse the whole way through, so I anticipated good things: I’m pleased to say, it doesn’t disappoint.

The movie follows the adventures of our eponomous heroes after leaving school, as they head abroad for a holiday involving sun, sand, sea and (with a spot of luck) sex. They end up in their usual whirlwind of misadventure, foul mouthed mayhem and juvenile delinquency. Simon Bird (Will) is the witty geek, James Buckley (Jay) the foul-mouthed sexual deviant, Blake Harrison (Neil) the educationally sub-normal Cassanova and Joe Thomas (Simon) the lovelorn ‘normalish’ one. I should say at this juncture, it’s not one for the easily offended. Jay has a way with words that can make even a Frankie Boyle fan like me cringe.

The film watches essentially as an extended episode of the series, but frankly, it’s what I was hoping for. if your humour tends towards the purile, the childish and the slapstick, watch this movie. Everyone under the age of 25 watching it will recognise themselves in the characters and see elements of their own childhood.

Don’t go looking for subtexts, it’s a movie which does what it says on the tin: it’ll make you laugh.