Takin throu han by Bill Johnston

“Turra, Turra, faur e sorra idder?”

Weel, weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

The ither day here A hid tae ging up tae Turra tae spik til a lad n efter A hid feenished, as e Wife n me waur waakin back til e car, w noticed aat e door til e Turra Heritage Museum wis open, weel, maybe nae richt open bit haaf open! So, bein a nosey kyn o a craitur, A pit mi heid roon e side o e door n shouted oot “Are ye open”? “No, bit jist cam in” said a woman’s vyce. So in w gid n wis greeted bi this elderly lady fa wis spikkin til a man fa wis, as w discovered later, getting an aul picter identified. The lady gid on tae say aat altho’

it wisna openin time we waur maist welcome tae hae a lookie aroon, which w did. Whit an interaistin wee museum it wis, its hoosed in e aul Post Office on High Street n so is kent as e Auld Post Office Museum n its lookit efter bi e Turra Heritage Society. Noo it comprises o twa wee rooms, in e first een wis a variety o artefacts, lots o picters, n a wee display aa aboot e Turra coo. (Across e street jist aboot opposite e British Legion there’s a braw statue o es famous

coo!) Throu in e ither room wis a display o the robes n regalia o the aul Lord Provosts o Turra – maist interaistin. Noo bi this time e lady hid jined us n wis tellin us baith aa aboot e place n aa aboot their Society, then she speired if w wid like tae see e Session Cottage? As w waurna in ony hurry w said aat w wid. Noo tae get til e Session Cottage ye hiv tae waak alang High Street, cross ower at e Mairkit Cross n hud doon Castle Street then intil Session Close far es hoosie is. Michty spik aboot steppin back in time! Whit a braw placie it wis!

Session Cottage as e name suggests hid eence bin e residence o e Session Clerk o the now ruined St. Congans Kirk which lies jist aboot neist door.

It’s aboot 250 ‘eer – aal, a typical but n ben hoosie n it his bin furnished as a hame o aboot a century ago, ay, n some richt ferlies tae be seen it his tae b said. In e first room wis an aal-fashioned black range wi pots n pans n kettles, there wis a treadle-powered organ alang wi lots o ither things. Throu in e second room wis e box- bed wi its steen pig n a mannies nicht goon! There wis a guid sized cradle here asweel. Lots o bonnie dishes n plates asweel as a grand example o yon verra important utensil aat gid inabelow e bed!?

So, if yer leukin for somewey interaistin tae veesit, jist heid alang tae Turra.