The Grisly Tales of Tumblewater at Tullynessle

TULLYNESSLE and Forbes Village Hall will host “The Grisly Tales of Tumblewater on Wednesday, May 30, from 7.30pm.

“The Grisly Tales of Tumblewater” features a determined orphan, a satchel full of spine-chilling stories and a whole lot of rain! Dickens meets Roald Dahl via Horrible Histories with laughs, frights and live music.

Welcome to Tumblewater. Not that it’s a welcoming place - unless you’re an undertaker or an umbrella salesman. Caspian Prye, the twisted landowner, controls everything and everyone; even the police. Into this world stumbles Daniel Dorey, a fearless orphan armed only with his wits and a satchel of spine chilling stories. Can he bring down Caspian Prye? Can he rescue the girl in the distant room? Can he even stay alive long enough to tell his tales?

Edward Jaspers (co-writer: Hamlet! The Muscial MTM/Whatsonstage Audience Choice Best Musical 2010) performs this one-man adaptation of Bruno Vincent’s deliciously dark novel (nominated for the 2010 Waterstone’s Children’s Book Awards). Directed by Caroline Horton (Best Solo Performer at the Stage Awards 2010 for You’re Not Like The Other Girls Chrissy)

Suitable for all ages over 8 years old, tickets cost £9 and £7. For more details phone (019755) 63154.