Tommy’s in tune

Ellon clarinet player Tommy Sutherland who has brought out his first CD of his favourite tunes.
Ellon clarinet player Tommy Sutherland who has brought out his first CD of his favourite tunes.

AN ELLON musician has put the finishing touches to a long-standing ambition of recording a CD of his favourite tunes.

Clarinet player Tommy Sutherland, who belongs to Shetland but has lived in the North-east for around 30 years, has brought out “At Last” which features 16 tracks he holds in great affection.

Tommy, 72, has been a popular figure in the local band scene since moving to the area from his native Lerwick.

As a young man, he always had a keen interest in music and played drums with the Trakkers Dance Band at the Planets Ballroom in Lerwick.

Tommy became interested in playing the clarinet and played the instrument in the Lerwick Orchestra for a time.

He played a key role in reviving the orchestra in the mid 1970s following an appeal in the local paper for people to come forward.

When he moved to North-east in 1982, Tommy joined the Graham Geddes Band and played clarinet and drums at Aberdeen’s Beach Ballroom and at many other venues at home and abroad.

He has not played with the band for a couple of years and during that time has been developing his ideas for recording a CD.

Tommy told the Times: “This is my first CD and it’s something I have always wanted to do.

“I felt I really wanted to to do this - just for myself, what you would call a wee keepsake in a way.

“People had been saying you should do this, it will sell, so it really has developed from there.”

He is proud of his recording achievement and plans to send copies of the CD to Shetland, where he still has strong musical connections.

Tommy said: “I’m delighted with the finished product but it’s really about what other folk think of it.

“I have always had a keen interest in the clarinet and I feel a lot of satisfaction in having put together some of my favourite tunes on this CD.”

The CD was recorded at RSD Studio at Turriff and is on sale for £9.99. It is available from JRD Equipment in Ellon.