A Bittie Mair o This n That!

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Weel weel an, n foo’s aa mi freens e day?

Ye ken, its richt hard ti believe aat here w are rummlin wir wye throu e month o Aagist already, A jist can hardly tak tent o e fac, bit checkin mi calendar on mi wa here it is richt eneuch!

Div ye myn a twa three month back foo I wis fair boastin aat es ‘eer A wid hae the best tatties iver becis A hid jist got a muckle load o dung!? Ay fairly, fit’s yon aul sayin again – “niver coont yer chuckens afore yer eggs are hatched”, weel, wid ye believe it, mi tatties got freested – n noo A’ve got e peerist crap A’ve iver hid!

So A’m nae gyaun ti get a prize for mi tatties es ‘eer, aboot aat there’s nae a doot! Hooiver it is richt fine ti see foo wir fairmer billies are fair gettin on wi the hairst, its jist a peety at e price wisna a bittie better!

The ither day here A says til e Wife fit aboot gyaun for a wee bit rin oot in e car? So she made a thermos flask o tae n pit igither a wee picnic n aff w set. Ye ken A’m sheer mi aul car seems ti jalouse faraboots wir heidin – Auldmeldrum, Inverurie, Kemnay, Monymusk, Alford, left at e Brig o’ Alford, up Donside, left at e Toll o’ Mossat until surprise, surprise, intil Glenbuchat!

Noo A’ve nae idea o foo mony times ower e ‘eers aat A’ve veesited es wee Glen, bit awa back fin A wis a bairn A myn mi Faither wid, noo n than, tak a bittie o a detour intil Glenbuchat. Efter he cam back frae e First Warld War he got a job wi Gordon’s o’ Alford drivin ane o their vans n Glenbuchat wis ane o e placies at he gid til, A think he said, ivery fortnicht. As he drove us roon he wid tell us aat so n so bade at es fairm n so n so bade at e neist place, aat he got his denner at sic n sic a fairm, n aat e fairmer’s wife at anither fairm made e best hamemade cheese! Foo its aa chynged nooadays, maist o e fairms n crafties noo aa stan teem n mony o them are in ruins. The faamous historical fairm o Badenyon is a sair sicht ti see – the steadin’s still stannin bit its teem n its bare, n the hoose, weel the reef is beginnin ti fa in. The wee skweel at Balloch jist e wa’s are left stannin. Dotted aboot in various places there’s the ruins o aul lime kilns ti be seen – a fyow ‘eer ago A think A counted aat there wis aboot twenty o them.

Nae maitter it is still a bonnie n historical wee Glen ti tak a toddle roon aboot, n so A stoppit e car at ane o wir faavrit spots n enjoyed wir wee picnic lookin ower the hills far the heather wis jist beginnin ti cam inta flooer – surroonded bi peace n quaet – afa fine!

So noo e coontdoon is stairted for es Referendum vote neist month, A’m sheer, like m’sel, a lot o ye sat doon n watched e Salmond/Darling debate the ither nicht here.

Yet again Mr Salmond didna say onythin ata aat wid mak me chynge mi myn, I am definitely votin NO ti independence. If he got his wye w’d aa hae ti gang back ti the days o barter – w’d hae nae siller – n michty, if A dinna hae a guid crap o tatties neist ‘eer A’ll hae naethin ti barter wi! Mr Salmond is afa concerned aboot us haein e nuclear submarines at Faslane – fit will he defend us wi – the Waverley Paddle boat!? Na, na, wi aa fit’s goin on in e warld jist noo there’s nae doot in my myn aat wir aa better aff hudden ontil e submarines n bidein igither, there’s strength in bein igither. He still hisna telt us aboot pensions – he hisna telt us that if w vote for independence w’ll be classed as a foreign country n so fin e State Pension gings up in England, Wales n Northern Ireland it winna ging up here in Scotland – fit wye!? Because w’ll be lookit on as bein a foreign country! So fit are ye gyaun ti pey oor pensions wi, n foo are ye gyaun ti pey them Mr Salmond, w’d aa richt like ti ken?