A view from the Bridge

THE big talking point this week seems likely to be the debacle over allowing a road to be constructed through Caroline’s Well Woods. A lot of people have become very annoyed very quickly at the latest developments, not least the Friends of McDonald Park who are - rightly - incredulous at the fact planning permission was granted for the road without recognition of the legalities concerning the land it’s to be built over.

While I tend towards the view that a couple less trees won’t be the end of the world, and the council or developer should simply compensate financially, it’s clear that the problem needs cleared up definitively - as Moira Muir pointed out at the community council, the new development at Castle Meadows needs to be connected to the town centre somehow.

To that end, I really hope that serious consideration is given to building it through the soon-to-be former academy, as the most apparently straightforward solution for all parties concerned.

I’m also going to hold off on some of the criticism our councillors and planning team have come under over this. Politicians are humans too, and everybody makes mistakes.

IT’S all change in the office this week, as we move boldly into the digital age with our new Facebook and Twitter accounts. While I’m familiar with the former, I’m not quite so familiar with the latter and, to be honest, can’t really think of much witty to say other than repeated entreaties for gossip from our online readers.

I have considered posting the comings and goings of the office, but figured it might tarnish whatever lingering perceived glamour the position of reporter might still have. Quite aside from which, I doubt readers are particularly interested in how much tobacco I’ve consumed over the course of a stressful Wednesday.

Bear with me, though, I’m working at becoming a wittier Twitterer...

IN other news, I find myself looking forward to an upcoming trip to Europe some time over the summer. As somebody who hasn’t ever really indulged in international travel, it’s set to be a bit of an adventure as I and two of my reprobate friends go carousing through Central Europe. If readers notice my columns have disappeared, you can safely assume that I’ve A) managed to get lost or B) have fallen in love with Prague/Vienna and just decided not to return.