A view from the Bridge

WELL, school is now officially out, and the town has gone comprehensively quiet. One constant I have noticed in my three years in Ellon is just how empty the town becomes when the schools are out.

I can only conclude that this effect will be even more noticeable this year, given the hitherto revolting weather we’ve had. No doubt people will flee abroad in search of the sun.

One thing which doesn’t seem to have stopped is vandalism. The trashing of Arnage Primary School is a sad reflection on those who have too much time and not enough wit. I can only hope that the culprits are caught and made to pay the repair bill.

Without knowing too much of the detail of what went on, one has to ask - in what universe is wrecking a children’s playground a good idea?

ELLON Community Council is set to make suggestions on street and road names at the Castleton Development.

I already made my opinion known when I suggested to the lady in charge that we use local names, and not those God-awful generic names you see in so many new developments: ‘Cherry Blossom Avenue’, ‘Willow Tree Way’, that sort of thing.

There are plenty of fascinating local place names just crying out to be immortalised in street form. There are also geographical features from the area, and notable figures in the town, past and present, who deserve recognition.

We’ve got a rich linguistic heritage - Pictish, Gaelic and Scots - to draw on. Local placenames often have fascinating etymologies behind them, and many are just a house-sale and an up-turned nose away from disappearing altogether. So let us be creative when we name the new streets and roads of the town.

Send in your suggestions. I might get an article out of them!

IN other news, the following is a humble request to our local agricultural workers - if there’s a queue of traffic behind your tractor, please, in the name of all that’s holy, pull over.

Driving to work along the A947, I’m frequently confronted by six-or-seven-cars worth of traffic, usually stuck behind a tractor whose driver is simply pretending that there isn’t a problem. Particularly on that particular road, it’s not easy to overtake, and the places where it is possible to overtake don’t lend themselves to multiple cars being able to pass at once.

Road users are impatient with tractors almost by definition, but that frustration is immediately relieved by a strategic pull over - and many farmers do still do this as a courtesy to other road users. To those who do, much kudos, to those who don’t - please start doing it.