A view from the Bridge

RETURNING from my holiday last week, I was tempted to do something theatrical as we touched down on Scots soil. Like kissing the ground or something. Instead, I settled for a cigarette in the bus shelter and a dram upon arriving home.

Central Europe is nice and everything, but there’s something about the north-east that draws me back. I found myself missing the mist in my face; being able to speak my native language without raised eyebrows; and longing for a plate of skirlie. I also missed being able to sleep in something other than profound discomfort with the heat, 40C in Bratislava - how the locals cope, I don’t know.

Nah, I’m a Buchan loon, and while my inner romantic toyed with the idea of living in a studio flat in Budapest, home is indeed where the heart is.

ALSO, congratulations to Ellon’s Rotarians for organising a successful Pedal Car Race. As I understand it, the event got a good turnout, with a good number of competitors and spectators coming along to take part. It’s events like this which make the town such a good place to live - and report on.