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WHO could have failed to have been appalled by the tragic outcome of the Royal hoax call incident?

The news of the death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, who fell victin to a pair of Australian DJ pranksters, was both heartbreaking and bewildering.

It was stunning in the extreme and begs the question how could such a stunt end with a fine and dedicated nurse apparently taking her own life?

Clearly the mother-of-two must have been acutely embarrassed by unwittingly passing the call from the radio station through to the ward where the Duchess of Cambridge was being treated.

We can only guess at her inner torment at finding herself at the centre of worldwide focus for something that was not her fault.

The first thing that struck me was why there was no system in place for verifying calls to the Royal ward. Former Royal protection officer Ken Wharfe said the situation should never have arisen and he would have expected a rota of police/security personnel to handle any incoming calls.

The hoax callers, presenters Mel Greig and Michael Christian, were said to be receiving “intensive psychological counselling” following the tragedy.

But they could hardly have expected the devastating outcome of what was intended to be a light-hearted, although poor taste, prank.

The pair have had to face a global backlash on the internet and have spoken of their absolute horror at what has happened because of their actions. Bosses at the radio station clearly need to have a thorough examination of its broadcasting practices.

Meanwhile, the nurse’s family will have to try to come to terms with their grief. They will want answers and rightly so. Experts say it’s rare for a person to take their own life over a single incident - so perhaps more light requires to be shed on the circumstances surrounding Mrs Saldanha’s tragic death.

NEARER to home this week, plans to bring a new supermarket to Ellon have moved a stage closer.

Aldi have lodged proposals with Aberdeenshire Council for a store on the former Haldanes site in the town centre.

Haldanes has lain empty since last year and has been crying our for redevelopment.

Traders and community leaders have welcomed the Aldi project which they see as bringing folk into the town centre which will result in a spin off for everyone in the area.