A90 safety concerns raised

Two north east politicians are campaigning for new safety measures to be put in place on the A90 after receiving a number of concerns from their constituents.

Thursday, 20th December 2018, 9:00 am
Councillor Gillian Owen at the junction leading to Tipperty Industrial Centre

Ellon and District councillor Gillian Owen and Gordon MP Colin Clark are looking for improvements to be carried out at Bridgend and Tipperty.

Cllr Owen said: “The situation at Bridgend is very serious and more so during the winter months.

“Colin Clark MP and I are working together on this and he has written to the Minister asking for action.

Cllr Gillian Owen has concerns about safety on the road

“Anyone trying to cross that road at night takes their life in their hands - we need proper street lighting across this area.

“The speed of traffic is a grave worry, many vehicles are not observing the speed limit which makes the situation more dangerous.”

Cllr Owen added: “I have also been approached about the junction at Tipperty Industrial Centre. This is just a short distance from Bridgend and suffers the same issues of speeding traffic and lack of light.

“We need to look at measures to improve this junction in particular as street signage and trees do affect the site and visibility.

“I shall be speaking with Colin so that we can press both safety issues on this stretch of the A90.”

Commenting a Transport Scotland spokesperson said: “The safety of the trunk road network is under constant review. However, we will investigate the concerns raised.”