Aberdeenshire SWRI Round-ups

At New Deer’s WRI, President Eileen Morrice welcomed members and friends to the November meeting.

There was a large turnout of over sixty, including WRI members from the surrounding institutes.

The President then welcomed Anne Rendall and her sister Alison Shand who gave an excellent cookery demonstration full of humour.

Anne demonstrated cheese scones,custard cream, cheese biscuits, chilli chocolate cup cakes, crispy rolls, fish cakes and a cheese dip to finish.

Competition results were as follows : Individual Fish Dish: 1. Ethel Brown 2. Ethel Dalgarno 3. Nancy Rennie

Christmas Card (any craft ): 1. Nancy Rennie 2. Pat Hibbit 3. Ethel Dalgarno

Flower of the month: 1. Nancy Rennie 2. Ethel Dalgarno

Marion Tran gave a vote of thanks and President Eileen Morrice thanked all for attending and wished everyone a safe journey home.

Meanwhile at the November Auchedly and Ythanbank WRI, President Sue Hall welcomed members to their meeting.

After business she welcomed to the meeting, Pat Edwards, who gave an interesting talk “The Humble Tattie.”

Monthly prizewinners were as follows: Tattie scoones: 1, Lil Emslie 2. Margot Airth 3. Rena Davidson; Decorated wooden spoon: 1. Doreen Gray 2. Mabel Mitchell; Spoon a flower from the garden: 1. Dot Duncan 2. Elloner Gray 3. Doreen Gray.

Elloner Gray and Ann Farquhar provided a lovely tea for everyone.

The meeting came to an end by Margot Airth proposing a vote of thanks.