Another sparkling Academy Evening 
of Entertainment

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Organisers of this year’s Ellon Academy Evening of Entertainment have revealed that their next event will be even bigger when it is held in the new academy.

This year’s fourth Evening of Entertainment event was held on Friday, September 26.

The hall

The hall

One of the driving forces behind the event - teacher Helen O’Brien - said: “The night got off to an impressive start with two senior pupils kitted out in suit and bow ties at the door, welcoming our guests.

“Waitresses wearing their smart aprons showed guests where their table plans were and lined the stairs to greet guests as they made their way to the hall.

“Inside guests mingled and enjoyed a complementary glass of sparkling wine courtesy of “Muro” whilst being served canapés by S5 pupils.”

To celebrate the opening of the new academy next year, the school are already planning an extra special event with ‘many one off’s for the occasion’.

Making sure the event ran smoothly was compere - former pupil Graham McLeod.

Joanne Smith and Ryan Peacock sang a variety of old and new tracks from musicals and Katie Jones and Eilen Reece wowed with their electric fiddle playing.

A subdued acoustic set was performed by the Casino Circus which was formed by a group of former pupils as current pupils put on two contrasting choreographed dances.

Many compliments were also received on the high standard of the meal which was prepared by the school canteen staff.

Helen said that jeweller Kevin Reid from K&C Jewellers kept the audience on their toes with his fast talking auction and helped them raise a very healthy sum towards school funds.

She added: “We would like to thank all the local businesses and traders who supported the school by attending, giving contributions and donations towards our gift draw.

“Such generosity towards this community event demonstrates a positive ethos of working together for the benefit of the youth from Ellon and surrounding community, and for the academy.

“We are extremely grateful to our main sponsor Martyn Watts from Universal Inspection (UK) Limited for giving us his help and advice throughout the year of planning.

“We would also like to thank Phoenix Weights Ltd, William Hackett Chains Ltd, Ropequip (UK) Ltd, Tallurit (UK) Ltd and Aberclean Ltd for their continued support of our which enables us to produce an event of a very high standard.”

The school will confirm the amount raised from the event after all money has been counted and expenses have been paid for.

Guests have already expressed an interest in reserving a table for next year’s event which will be held on September 25 2015.