Appeal for volunteers

An Aberdeenshire service are appealing to the community to step up as volunteers and help others.

CASA, Community Alcohol Service Aberdeenshire, which supports people in recovery as they deal with their alcohol related issues, are looking for volunteers now.

Working alongside the alcohol case workers, the volunteer buddies will help people to recover from alcohol dependency and rebuild a healthier lifestyle.

They are looking for volunteers who are willing to help people in local communities, who may feel isolated as a result of their alcohol problem, and help them re-discover their local services and get back into leisure activities.

Luan Grugeon, Chief Executive Officer, Drugs Action, said: “People who have had problems with alcohol can lose their confidence and feel quite isolated.

“The volunteer buddies will provide support and companionship to help people reconnect with activities going on in their local area.

“We hope by providing volunteer buddies, people are more likely to be able to recover, improve their self confidence, and adopt a healthier social life that doesn’t centre around alcohol.”

Due to the nature of the work, a thorough screening process will be carried out before volunteers start.

Full training, ongoing support and supervision will be provided to ensure that volunteers feel able to support people in achieving a lasting recovery from problem drinking.

Luan added: “Volunteering with CASA is a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and do something which will really make a difference to the lives of vulnerable people.”

CASA service is delivered across Aberdeenshire and is part of the Drugs Action range of services funded by Aberdeenshire Council.

For further details on volunteering with the service or to make a referral to CASA, please call Carol

on the following number: 07525 071524 or email