Around Aberdeenshire’s rural meetings

Esslemont SWRI president Mrs Helen Smillie opened by welcoming everyone to the first meeting of the new season and apologised on behalf of the arranged speaker, who had to cancel suddenly.

Monday, 14th September 2015, 4:23 pm

Business was conducted and thanks expressed to members who participated in events over the summer period. Margaret Grieve stepped in and gave a demonstration of floral art using three flowers.

Competition winners were: Wildlife photo - 1 Linda Milne; 2 Nancy Bruce; 3 Anne Davidson. Apple and bramble crumble - 1 Annie Paterson; 2 Margaret Grieve; 3 Anne Davidson. Flower of the month - 1 Annie Paterson; 2 Linda Milne; 3 Helen Smillie.

The vote of thanks was given by Joyce Clark. Mrs Smilie then wished everyone a safe journey home prior to closing the meeting.

President Mrs Jean Robertson welcomed members back after the summer break and after dealing with outstanding business introduced Dr Fiona-Jane Brown, who runs “Hidden Aberdeen Tours” set up in July, 2011. She conducts corporate and public tours as well as 12 History Walks and five Ghost/Crime walks.

Dr Brown has had three books published and her newest is due out next month entitled “Aberdeenshire – the Land”.

After tea competition winners were announced: Small Fish Dish - 1 Mrs M Adams; 2 Mrs P Elrick; 3 Mrs M Singer. Jar of Plum Jam- 1 Mrs P Elrick; 2 Mrs M Adams; 3 Mrs S Lister.

Members were reminded the next Rag Bag collection is today (Thursday) at 6.45pm in the Public Hall. Mrs Kate Duncan gave the vote of thanks and this closed the meeting.

Next meeting is on October 6 at 7.30pm in Newburgh Public Hall. There will be a talk and demonstration on Stained Glass by Linsey Gibb.