Around the North-east rurals

The September meeting of Tipperty SWRI was opened 
by president Mrs Isobel
Elrick. After the business was completed, Isobel introduced guest for the evening, Doric writer Mrs Deborah Leslie, 
of Inverurie.

Wednesday, 24th September 2014, 9:00 am

A super evening followed. Deborah, who spent her childhood in Bathol Chapel, gave a brief history of her work in schools and told how she uses a ‘suitcase of memories’ to help the elderly to recall and talk about their lives when she visits residential care homes.

She then selected one of her books and read some of her short stories and poems to her captive audience. Everyone agreed they had enjoyed this immensely.

Although Deborah has won many awards for her short stories and plays written in Doric, she also writes in English so her work is available to a 
wider audience.

After tea and home bakes Debrorah judged the monthly competitions, winners 
as follows:

Doric verse - 1st Irene Bartlet; 2nd Fiona McCalman; 3rd Andrea Elrick Stewart.

Crahanan - 1st Fiona McCalman; 2nd Cathrine Simpson; 3rd Irene Bartlet.

Isobel gave a hearty vote of thanks to Deborah, the tea hostess, and everyone who brought a raffle.

A very enjoyable evening was brought to a close by Isobel wishing all a safe 
journey home.

The October meeting of Tipperty SWRI will be held in Tipperty Primary School on Thursday 9th at 7.30 when the Governor of HMP Grampian in Peterhead, Mr Jim Farish, will be guest speaker. 
All welcome.

At the September meeting of Kintore SWRI, president Frances Simond welcomed members and introduced Mrs Nancy Jardine - a primary teacher turned successful author.

Nancy gave a very entertaining talk and also judged the competitions.

The winners were: flower of the month 1st May Forman; 2nd Betty Heron; 3rd Ann Marston. Floral arrangement in a cup and saucer - 1st Lorraine Reid; 2nd Margaret Farquharson; 3rd Phyllis Morrison. Favourite scarf - 1st Wilma Smith; 2nd May Forman; 3rd Phyllis Morrison.

After tea and raffle, the vote of thanks was given by Jennifer Duthie.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, October 7, when David Bale will present a slideshow of mountains through the seasons.

Helen Thomson, president, welcomed Deborah Buchanan and visitors to Auchnagatt SWRI after which the ladies were given a very interesting talk and demonstration from Deborah about her local business at ‘Willow Cottage’ in Ellon.

Deborah’s job is to paint and restore furniture and upcycle goods which no longer serve their original purpose but, with a bit of creative thinkin, can be saved 
and reused.

Deborah demonstrated and explained how to start restoring furniture. The ladies were impressed by the range of colours available and the fact that no additives 
are added.

Visitors to Deborah’s shop are always encouraged to have a go themselves at restoring old pieces of furniture.

After the business was conducted, the ladies all enjoyed a welcome cup of tea after which the competitions were judged by Deborah, with the prizes as follows:

Jar of raspberry jam - 1st Isobel Dickie; 2nd Helen Thomson; 3rd Eleanor Towler. Small wooden object - 1st Isobel Dickie; 2nd Sally Cole; 3rd Dorothy Duncan. Flower of the month - 1st Isobel Dickie; 2nd Caroline Harlow; 3rd Eleanor Towler.

Helen Thomson gave the vote of thanks and thanked everyone for a most 
wenjoyable evening.

The next meeting in Auchnagatt Village Hall is on Thursday, October 9 at 7.30pm. All members and visitors welcome – contact 01358 701224 for details.

Barthol Chapel SWRI

At the August meeting of Barthol Chapel SWRI Mrs Jennifer Leys, President, welcomed members and congratulated ladies on their successes at the local shows. Mrs Anna Jamieson read the minutes and the motto was given by Mrs Janet Simpson.

Business was dealt with and Jennifer welcomed new members to the meeting. She then introduced the speaker for the evening Mr Pete Pirie who came along and told members about his work as a BT engineer. Pete was delighted to have been asked to do wiring for both the Olympic Games in London and the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. He said that it was great honour to do it and he managed to see some of the competitions as well. It was a most enjoyable talk with slides. Competitions were judged by Mrs Frances Whyte, the results as follows:

Raspberry Jam: 1: Mrs Winifred Roberston; 2: Mrs Edith Innes; 3: Mrs Jennifer Leys

Pin-wheel Sandwiches: 1: Mrs Anna Jamieson; 2: Mrs Irene Ross; 3: Mrs Edith Innes

A lovely cup of tea was served by Mrs Winnie Moir and her hostesses, the vote of thanks was given by Mrs Kerry Keys, the raffle was drawn and everyone was wished a safe journey home.

Premnay SWRI

At the August meeting of Premnay SWRI, Pat Duncan presided and welcomed members to a talk on glass jewellery by Helen McGregor.

Helen’s interest started with her attending stained glass classes at Insch School, and thereafter glass beads became her hobby.

After explaining how to make them, she showed a great selection of wonderful beads she had brought along, from which members could choose and make small items.

After tea and the vote of thanks, the competitions were judged as follows:

A Traybake: 1: Ann Peter; 2: Moira Munro

A Piece of Glass: 1: Myra Kidd; 2: Helen Radfor; 3: Margaret Mack

Kemnay SWRI

The first meeting of the new session of Kemnay SWRI started with a most enlightening talk on the new recycling system. Mr Norman Wright from Aberdeenshire Council gave a funny and informative talk on the subject.

Mrs Michie judged the competition of “Something New from Something Old”and the results were:

1: Alice Downie; 2: Dot Wink; 3: Elma Adams

Elma Jaffray gave the vote of thanks.

Auchedly and Ythanbank SWRI

President Sue Hall presided at the September meeting and welcomed members and friends after business was attended to. She introduced Barbara and Liz from Cultercullen WRI who came along at short notice due to their speaker being unable to come through illness. Barbara and Liz showed items they had covered in Decoupage then all members were given a small flower put to cover.

Monthly prizewinners: Yish pate: Ellenor Gray, Sue Hall, Mabel Mitchell; A seaside pasteard: Mabel Mitchell, Margot Airth, Dot Duncan; Flower from the garden: Doreen Gray, Margot Airth, Ann Farquhar.

Tea hostess Mabel Stott provided a lovely tea.

Collieston and Slains SWRI

On Monday, September 8 the group opened this year’s programme with a delightful demonstration of fruit and vegetable carving by Mrs Suzy McHardy from Sumatra, currently living in Ythanbank.

With quite breathtaking skill she deftly created dozens of exquisite decorations using radishes, chillis, carrots, tomatoes and melons to quite stunning effect, plus transforming ordinary lemons into very cute little fishy ‘Nemo’ lookalikes by the addition of cloves and little fans of carrot.

Some people tried a little hands-on imitation, and great enjoyment was had by all. A tasty spread was provided by Irene and Alison, the raffle was called, including Suzy’s generous donation of an elaborate fruity table decoration, and a vote of thanks was given by Susan Taylor.