Around the North-east rural meetings

President Helen Thomson welcomed members of Auchnagatt SWRI to the AGM.

Business was dealt with after which Rosaline Smith gave the secretary’s report for the past year, Caroline Harlow gave the treasurer’s report and Helen Thomson thanked her committee and members for their support.

The new committee is: President, Helen Thomson; minutes secretary Rosaline Smith; syllabus secretary Dorothy Duncan; treasurer Caroline Harlow; press secretary Sally Cole; magazines Pat Anderson; raffles Barbara Rogers; com petitions Isobel Dickie; group delegate Lorna Rose.

Annual trophies went to: Ross Trophy Eleanor Towler; Thomson Endeavour and Flower of the Month Isobel Dickie.

Next came some exercises under the guidance of Lorna Rose. An enjoyable tea was followed by the result of the monthly competition: Pineapple Loaf 1 Helen Thomson; 3 Months Syllabus 1 Helen Thomson; 2 Rosaline Smith Flower of the Month Dorothy Duncan.

Helen then gave everyone an appreciative vote of thanks before closing the meeting.

President Mrs Isobel Elrick, welcomed members and guests, Mrs Lorna Pirie and Mrs Rita Watson, to Tipperty SWRI’s May meeting.

Secretary’s minutes and treasurer’s reports were read, with business taken care of Isobel handed over to Boyndlie SWRI members Lorna and Rita cooked a delicious and extensive array of soup, pate, flan, curry, and hot fruit salad.

After tea and home bakes Lorna and Rita judged the competitions: Pretty necklace 1 Rose Reid; 2 Greta McIntosh 3 Adelaide O’Brien. Small cheese cake 1 Fiona McCalman; 2 Greta McIntosh; 3 Moreen Annand.

Mrs Margaret Henry then gave everyone a well deserved vote of thanks.