Assurance for Ellon residents

A local councillor has addressed resident fears over possible delays to refurbishment work on a sheltered housing unit in Ellon.

After it was announced that the sheltered housing complex - Modley House - was set to benefit from a major upgrade, some residents raised concerns over the possibility that work planned on individual flats would be put on hold.

Residents welcomed the news that Modley House was to be upgraded to ‘very sheltered’ accommodation at a meeting recently, but others expressed concerns that plans to replace the current kitchens in the individual flats would be delayed until after the conversion had been finished.

Ellon and District Councillor Rob Merson responded to the fears and decided to raise the issue with the council officials. Mr Merson spoke to council officials to remind them that residents had already been promised that their kitchens would be upgraded. He has now received assurances that the upgrades will be carried out as part of the new conversion.

Councillor Merson said: “I was very pleased by the very positive response of the officers, and I am delighted that the disruption to the lives of the elderly and vulnerable residents will be reduced to a minimum. The residents can now look forward to having all the work done at the same time, and will thereafter have kitchens which will permit easier access and be of a design which is more suitable for their needs.”

Mr Merson has also welcomed the plans to arrange one-to-one meetings to discuss individual residents’ needs, and to keep them up-to-date with details on the proposals.